Thats It


Here it is – the semester is over, over, over.

The final pieces are in, to be regurgitated as grades in the new year.

My last FFF class began at 1:00 pm on Friday the 11th. I had been scrambling to assemble a sample book complete with fabric swatches, heat setting samples, and photo’s. I went into the studio early Friday morning to get a head start on this as well as the headpiece and shoes, all part of the afternoon critique.

But… we all know how these stories end.

I was able to finish my headpiece but I did not have a concise idea for the shoes, and did not finish or wear them.


The bodice of this dress was drafted as part of my pattern drafting final. It has fitted sleeves that taper at the wrist, a high rounded neck with four complimenting darts, single darts mid bust, and a zipper closure in the back.


The skirt is two different parts made from two heat setting techniques. The main skirt, attached to the bodice is 1″ lines sewn across, gathered and heat set. The train is 5 meters of polyester tightly and carefully gathered by hand and held in place with twine, then heat set.


The assignment was to reflect aspects of some or all of the previous projects we worked on. I incorporated mostly heat setting from #3, but also referenced the bodice shapes from the industrial materials dress. I used draping to place the train. I wanted this final piece to represent my work in the class over the course of the semester, but also be a completely finished piece.

Being constructed of 100% polyester I assumed my skin would not be able to breathe. It turned out to be the most comfortable dress I’ve ever worn. It was light and felt like air.



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