BTF: Final Project Preparation


My final project for Beyond the Frame  is going to be similar in theme to my other assignments.

I have carefully selected photo’s that mean a lot to me – either I remember looking at them as a child or I remember the event or object in the photographs.

I am going to assemble the photo’s based on how well my memory resembles that of the photograph, if the two ‘records’ are equal or if  I remember the

situation differently than what is portrayed in the image.

I will demonstrate ‘fuzzy’ memories by covering the photo with layers of trace paper, making the image appear less and less clear

based on how well I remember the situation.

On the trace paper or paper beside the photo’s I am going to write how I remember the situation in a few short sentences.

The whole group of photographs will be assembled in a cardboard box ‘house’ that I am going to re-construProxy-Connection: keep-alive
Cache-Control: max-age=0

based on a disply Dad brought home from Sobey’s for us to play in when I was 3.

The final decision I need to make in consideration of this project is how I will light the inside of the house up and how I should

display the written elements.



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