FFF: Second Project


In FFF we have been studying various fiber dying and decoration techniques from  Bali, Indonesia, Asia, India,Japan and other cultures rich in skilled textile design and production.

For this assignment we had to take a rectangular bolt of fabric and construct a series of dresses created from simply wrapping the fabric around our body forms, mimicking traditional or ancient dress. We spend an entire class focused on wrapping. We were to pay close attention to our body shapes and sizes and keep in mind a pattern that we later planned on adding to the surface of the fabric. The second class we cut random holes and sewed them shut to create un-intentional shapes.

The final result was a mixture of one or both techniques  {draping/cutting/sewing} which we then had to dye or paint. I wanted to keep my design very simple and elegant. Mimicking classic line work done by early Greek and Roman cultures, but also tying in some of the splendid paisley motifs we had seen in textiles from India.


We were supposed to be influenced by our own preferences and personalities which is mainly why I chose to use no color, only black and white. I drew the lines to follow the simple shapes of my spine, hips, waist, bust, shoulders and collarbone in black.



Wrapping up the project we booked the photo studio to shoot and critique all of our dresses, here’s a few shots of me explaining why I chose certain elements for my dress.


Check out the rest of the class photo’s in my Facebook album



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