Sites and Locations Assignment


Our last ‘assignment’ was due today for Beyond the Frame.

It had several different elements including pre-planning, research, construction of the piece, placing the piece in a specifically chosen location (or several locations), documenting the work in the location, then assembling the documentation as photographs and presenting them to the class as an art piece.

I researched and read book after book on Freud and several essays he had written. I was looking for answers on how the brain processes information and translates it into dreams and memories that are retransmitted as thoughts, expressions and feelings .

I have been having a lot of harsh negative feelings about a situation in my life these past few months and I have been suppressing them. My dreams have turned into consistent nightmares, the normal dream world that exists has been turned into tornadoes, storms, and chaos.

These feelings of helplessness have also caused me to dream about events in the past that were beyond my control, or things that I wanted once again I am trying to achieve without results.

I wanted to explain all of the dark and twisty thoughts I’ve been having. I wanted to create and piece of work that would help me get rid of my feelings, in a positive way instead of an internal explosion. The best explanation I could find was from Freud’s psychoanalytic theories, three terms he coined to describe expression and suppression of thought in mental life. Our thinking is divided into three parts: the Id, Ego, and Super-ego.

The Id is the childlike part of our conscious and unconscious that will not take no for an answer. It knows no boundaries. When it needs or wants it goes after and gets. It does not consider consequences.

It is within the Ego that we think and act rationally and realistically.It seeks to please, and avoids conflict. The Ego covers up our irrational thoughts and impulses that are threatening and tries to find a balance between the Id and the Super-ego .

The Super-ego seeks to please society. It is within the Super-ego that our desire to be perfect is housed. The drive to succeed and other spiritual and physical goals are here. The super-ego controls our guilt principle and our ability to distinguish right from wrong.

These three parts of the psychic structure work together to control our mental activity and interaction.

Using the Id, Ego and Super-ego, I designed three bookmarks each representing a different part of the psychic apparatus. I made one hundred copies of each bookmark, then placed them methodically in books all over the NSCAD library, and in magazines in public places.


The final part of the assignment was to create a document of the work and its installation that also functioned as an art piece.

The 300 bookmarks had already cost me $40.00, so I was trying to figure out a way to assemble my 22 selected prints that portrayed good documentation of my piece while still being economic to my budget.

Ink jet printing them at school would cost another $33.00, color laser prints $22.00.

In the end I printed them laser black and white at .25 a copy for a total of $5.50. The B & W worked well, matching the bookmarks. I assembled them to resemble a book and cut the photo’s down into narrow panoramic shapes, also mimicking the bookmarks, then sewed the whole thing together on one end. I quite enjoyed the final outcome, it looked like a mini magazine.



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