The Persistence of Memory


Dali was a smart smart man. Memory is very persistent.

It comes and goes. Its delicate. Changes. Warps. Disappears. Recalls. Values. It distinguishes. Commemorates. Holds on. Holds back. Comforts. Empties. Represses. Releases. Fulfills. Prompts. Excites. Provokes. Redeems. Entertains. It is harsh. Reflects. Provides. Suggests. Determines. Captures. It haunts. Traces. Recurs. Remains. Awakens.

Night and day I go back. Revisit. Engrave. Commit.

The night. The must. Standing in line. Mr. Elliott. Strawberry B-B bats wrapped in pink wax paper. The stick falls apart like pieces of Kleenex. Its cold. The air hurts my nose. I’m in a car. Its spotless. I carefully move around the tissue box. Its dark. I’m happy. I look at the moon. I hold my Sobey’s bag. We drive. A water tower. Around the circle. Halfway there. The horse track. The duck pond. Look for the microwave tower. The church. The graveyard. The mailbox. Shifting down. Slobery dog kisses. Mandy. Hundreds of stars. Wind chimes. Transfers moving quickly. Peepers. Red shingles. Red veranda. Screen door. Ornate brass handle.  Plastic mat. Open door. Musty stairs. Put your coat on the hook. Open the stove, light the newspapers. Add more logs. Clean soap smell mixed with country air. Up stairs. Light switch. Pictures on a shelf. Nightie on. Lights off. Down stairs. Old Cracker Barrel cheese. White soda crackers. Get the crumbs. Green kitten tiny glass. Little bit of water. Pull the blind. Green step stool. White mug. Yellow toothbrush. Spirotot faucet. Cinnamon toothpaste. Don’t flush. Up stairs. Open the door. Stack of books. Favorite toys. Into bed. Pull the gold tiny light cord. A book with a goat drinking soda pop. A book with a mockingbird who wanted to be a cat. A book with a paperdoll who’s arms move out of the sides. Hot water bottles. Bedtime prayers. Goodnight kisses. Love you. Warm quilt. Diamond windows. Big yellow moon. Quiet night.

The tip of my nose is cold. Stove top shuts. Roll over. Open eyes. Sun is rising. The ground is covered in frost. Out of bed. Down stairs. Squish between the stove and the wall. Crispy bacon. Fire scorched toast. Cheese wiz. Green kitten glass.


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