The Weather Outside is Frightful


Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it Snow,  We Go Dashing Through The Snow With Frosty The Snowman Watch Out Santa Clause is Coming To Town Jingle Deck The Halls With Silver Bells, and Little Drummer Boys, Lean Your Ear This Way Its Christmas Time In The City

There is snow in Clayton Park, tons of it. I can see it fluffy and thick on the roofs of the cars going by on the highway beneath me. It has stopped snowing here. The November snow is doing what it always does – turns to slush by mid-morning. The basin is reflecting the sky and looks dark, gray and icy cold. I cannot wait until Christmas!

The shops of Halifax have come alive, almost overnight with Santa’s, lights, and tinsel. The City is hanging their decorations in preparation for the Christmas parade in two weeks. I have been buying gifts, drinking egg nog, baking Snowmen cookies and trying out all of Starbucks Christmas drinks. Their new Carmel Brule Latte is the perfect mixture of espresso, salty caramel, and whipped topping. I tried the Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha, if there was any mint it wasn’t strong enough to taste but they might have forgotten to put it in.

I can’t wait to get up early tomorrow morning, eat a hearty McDonalds breakfast and shop Midnight Madness at the Halifax Shopping Center. All of the stores are opening at 8:00 am and most are offering 20% off all day.


Did I mention that I LOVE Christmas?


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