The Thirty-first of October

Human behavior follows a predictable pattern. First it was the bus drivers blond wig and ‘truck driver’ music. Then the middle aged call center employee with a witches hat overflowing her reusable Sobey’s shopping bag. Nine hours later, getting off the same bus, a two and half foot Spiderman is running towards me.


My 2% milk and Life cereal tastes like peanut butter – that is the strangest thing that has happened on half past the ninth of hour of this 10/31.

I walked into Paper Chase Cafe on Tuesday evening and bought a magazine whose cover promises all of my favorite things right under the title: “FASHION/DESIGN/ART/ARCHITECTURE/LUXURY/CLEARMAG.COM”.


The cover is transparent and feels crisp and silky smooth under your fingertips, like trace paper crossed with vellum. I open the cover and on the first page is a Ferragamo ad for the deepest and most vibrant crimson red platform pumps with delicate stitch details and gold stiletto heels. I briefly flip through the other pages (which all feel like sturdy glossy photographs) and suddenly clear magazine is in this months budget.

Its pricey at 12.95 an issue (twice the cost of Vogue) but there is an online subscription option for $2.99 an issue. A years subscription via web (6 issues) is only $8.00 US. Their slogan when you enter the online demo ( you can see thumbnails of all the pages and zoom in to read three pages for free) is “Turn A Page. Trees Will Thank You.”

To make this whole clear experience even better, this beautiful magazine I am holding in my hands and about to enjoy is 100% Tree Free, 100% Synthetic, and 100% Recyclable.  I think I will brew a cup of sustainable Nabob Full City Roast in my filter-less coffee maker with filtered tap and bottle free water.


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