Good News, Bad News, Good News

Ever since Cows closed I have realized that being in school and not working makes my stress levels decrease by 50%!

Everyone this week was stressed about mid-term exams (it could be because I also have no exams this term) and trying to finish major assignment requirements on time. It was wonderful to have large blocks of free time to get my work done during the day and have the evenings to come home and just relax, get laundry done and food cooked for the next day.

At this point work was more stressful than not having enough money. A lot of fellow students will agree with me on how hard it can be to make sure there is enough money for rent, bills, groceries, and tuition and still have a little bit left over to go see a movie once in a while or buy a new pair of boots. I feel like I just need to take the next few months and focus on creating some work I am proud of over having extra spending and adding more stress in the middle of a semester to job search. I just need to be extra careful with what is left of my student loan, and make it stretch across into the next term, looking for another part-time job over Christmas vacation.

I feel like I am in a good spot to do this right now, I have everything I need and the only major expenses I can foresee are final projects [fabric and photo paper = $$$] and Christmas. With both of these I can just learn to be more creative and thrifty!

I went through my email accounts this weekend and sitting  at the top of my unread messages was Attn: New York Studio Program Applicant. I had a brief moment of ‘what if’ followed immediately by reality. Sadly (although not unexpectedly)  I did not receive the New York Studio Program scholarship. It was one thing that I rushed around and worked really hard to get in on time, and while I really hoped there would be that one chance in hundreds- I was not the recipient. I am now considering options to study on exchange for the fall semester in 2010. When I met with a professor to talk about the NYSP, he realistically told me I should consider the exchange because there was only one scholarship but I had a good chance to be accepted into many of the fine art schools of my choice. Because I only pay NSCAD tuition I could study anywhere including New York where tuition costs are 6 times what they are here. Hmmmmm…

The next email was good news! I had signed up for a third year history class and was number 15 on the waitlist even after the winter term add-drop course deadlines had passed. I am still not sure what the class is entirely about – some sort of  study on pop and modern culture, but my absolute favorite history prof at NSCAD is teaching it and I miss her lectures terribly. I had already decided that if I was not officially in on the first day of winter classes I would go down and beg her to let me stay. I am not surprised that everyone loves her so much and so many people wanted to take the course they lifted the restraint on the class size to included everyone on the waitlist and them some! Joy 🙂

I am putting the finishing touches on my coat for construction and have bodice, sleeve, and collar ‘blueprints’ for Pattern Drafting with multiple variations for each. We will begin to make a blouse from ‘scratch’ on Thursday in class.

Last Thursday we were handed our next assignment for Beyond the Frame, a location specific body of work we have three weeks to perfect that has three parts including documentation, the piece itself and  its presentation, then a written follow up to the work. He also gave us the outlines for our final projects and set up mid-term review meetings that begin tomorrow at noon. We will have to talk about our work, our focus and our plan for the final two projects of the class.

In FFF we had 3-5 meters of untouched fabric we draped around our body forms recording our favorites with pictures and sketches that we will make be using in various ways over the next two classes to modify and create dress forms that compliment the unique curves and structure of our bodies. In Friday’s class she showed us over ten samples of fabric she had bought when she studied in Indonesia and Bali that had been highly regarded and worn for decades. They were beautifully  woven and intricately decorated, processes that had taken these men and women months to complete to be worn their entire lives. There was one piece that the print was covered in parts by pressed gold. She wanted us to understand beauty in simplicity and how one rectangular piece of fabric can be tied and shaped in hundreds of variations. She showed us the traditional way each piece was tied and worn then instructed us to create our own interpretation. Eventually we will make a permanent dress and dye/paint sections to compliment the design.


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