FFF: October 16


Here’s some photo’s from Friday’s critique of our body doubles and fabric-less dresses. The lighting wasn’t the best in the studio, but Jill took some with flash, here are a few that turned out!

The hat I made in the last half hour at work. Its napkins cut in half then hot glued to a cardboard circle that I cut out using an ice cream lid for a stencil 🙂 I slit the cardboard circle 12 times then pushed them over and glued them to form a little hat. I used the light pink cocktail straws for a small decoration. I fastened the hat to my head with bobby pinks, which show up in a few of the pictures. I loved the hat more than the dress!


The napkins only held up for the first half of the shoot, by the time we reached the end of the critique half of the straws had fell off and the top layer was a mess! Toshiko is encouraging me to re-make the dress using fabric. To replace the straws I would probable use tassels or really thin ribbons. I’m not sure how I would seal the ribbons


The ‘shoe’ requirement made me a little annoyed, heels seemed impossible [even though someone did make a pair].

I went with a little gladiator sandle, created in the third floor bathroom stall in five minutes 🙂 They are cardboard cut-outs and electrical tape, simply taped to my leg! Everyone liked them though – success.



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