A Straw-straw Dress [FFF]

I get to make a dress?! You want us to make dresses?! What? No more samples? Oh, a dress with no fabric, only found objects…now I understand.

Straws (250): $2.75

White Electrical Tape (2): $4.00

Hot Glue Sticks (4): $.50

Napkins (50): $2.50

I got excited and tried the shell on. Note to self: napkins don’t hold up well to feet and high heels. The entire bodice is hot glue and electrical tape, with the apex darts machine sewn in.strawdress_01_12

It was originally supposed to be floor length with a mermaid style bottom, but the white garbage bags looked ugly so I gave that up. The skirt is two rows of napkins opened lengthwise, sewn 5 across. Machine sewn darts, 2 front, 2 back.strawdress_01_3

and a short, just above the knee pencil skirt with two rows of amazing pink straws.strawdress_01_111strawdress_01_14strawdress_01_6strawdress_01_7

Critique is October 16, our body doubles are due on the same day – wish me luck!

October 10: The entire afternoon class was spent working on our dresses, and on the shoes and headpieces to go with them. I am presently frustrated with my dress, which is now falling apart every time I touch it. My professor encouraged me not be discouraged by my failures but instead to look at the dress as a 3D drawing, a sample that I can later use to make out of fabric. She told me to make it strong enough to last the week, until we shoot them in the studio next Friday. That will do, that will do


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