On the 24th Day of NSCAD

The wave of assignments and samples that felt endless has slowed down considerably and on this beautiful Saturday I was able to relax, and not even think of school.

Having the weekend off work, I think today was the very first morning I was able to sleep in since school started. It felt completely wonderful to stay in bed until 11am, then sit around until 2 watching home reno shows on HGTV and eating yummy french toast and maple syrup. I watched home decorating shows on the evening past too and googled houses in HRM all morning. Ultimately when I finish school, flipping houses would be a dream. [ok ok so I have many]

I spent the afternoon shopping: I had a wonderful black and royal blue pencil skirted dress on layaway at envy and realized when I arrived at Park Lane Mall that my student loan had been deposited into my bank account. Oopsie. Envy had a gorgeous Double Zero plaid soft belted fall coat with the daintiest buttons for 139.99 the last small was on hold so I stole it muhahaha. A brilliant yellow strapless French Connection sundress was marked down from 198.99 to 49.99. I know I know how could I leave it there. Banana Republic had a sale so I picked up some of their soft and amazing tanks and bought Nate a white L/S waffle weave tee for 26.99 and a pair of kaki shorts for 9.99.

I have needed new make-up since forever so  M.A.C  seemed like the place to go. That tiny store looks small but is pretty intense, a very knowledgeable fellow nscad’er who works there helped me find some products that I hope will work. I got a 30ml bottle of Prep and Prime [30.00] to clear up my oily complection (all my foundation traditionally slides off – big NO NO) and Select Sheer Pressed powder in NW20 [25.00]. I see a softer shine-free face in my future….


 This Saturday has felt like a spa day – I almost finished it off with highlights, but my favorite stylist was booked solid … I doubt I will have this courage on Monday. I have never been gutsy enought to tamper with my natural color but I feel the need to lighten the top and blend natural highlights with faux ones. It is just coming from fear of becoming mundane and caught in a vicious routine that does not change, so I feel a need to change my appearance as if, somehow, that will fix how panicked I feel inside.

I am ending my wonderful day off by whipping up an amazing pot of maritime seafood chowder, relaxing, and watching multiple episodes of a great history documentary called The National Parks: America’s Greatest Idea by Ken Burns. What a way to spend a Saturday night but I am enjoying these imensely. I just finished  Episode 4 which covered Glen and Bessie Hyde who left on October 20, 1928 in attempts to travel the treacherous Colorado river through the entire Grand Canyon for their honeymoon. Bessie Hyde was the first woman to travel down the Colorado by boat. PBS is on a marathon! In the middle of Episode 5 now, which focus’ on the 1930’s Great Depression and Roosevelts attention on creating national monuments such as Fort Jefferson, the worlds largest brick fortification on a gorgeous island with white sand off the coast of Florida and a strip of rock known by indiginous people as ‘The Land of the Sleeping Rainbow’ which I personally think is a fabulous. Ansel Adams is coming up a lot, his work in the National Parks was very influential in this movement to have these amazing natural wonderlands converted to National Parks. “We should not casually pass them for they are the heart of the earth speaking to us.” he wrote ” I knew my destiny, when I first visited Yosemite.” He was hired for 8 years to compile thousands of images to be displayed in the capital city in what he describes as “the greatest idea to ever come out of Washington.”

anseladamsTom Hanks is narrating … Hmmm I have a feeling I am going to watch these all night….


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