hmmmm how can it be that I have never  walked down the streets of New York City?

Maybe this thirst for travelling to one of the fashion empires of the world is partially stemmed by my two sisters who are both going in October and here I am, drooling and trying to be satisfied by watching Gossip Girl Monday nights at 9:00. 

From where I sit, curled up on my comfy little couch I have three possible options: a) Drop out of school and spend my tuition money on a month-long vacation b) Dress really REALLY horridly for a few months and nominate myself for What Not To Wear  c) My personal favorite: spend one semester in the New York Studio Program with NSCAD! I would (of course) choose the internship option – note: at the end of available places to intern is none other than VOGUE! EEk! Also note: deadline for 20 piece portfolio is October 15 😦 No time to construct anything fashion worthy *sigh Did I mention the 25,000.00 scholarship they give you?

Maybe next year the same opportunity will be available …

Check out this NY photographer, his black and whites’ make me green with envy ! http://brooklynlens.com/

Daniel A. Norman, of Brooklyn Lens Photography

Daniel A. Norman, of Brooklyn Lens Photography


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