School Wouldn’t Be School Without Falling Behind

I am sure the title of this post says it all!

Two of my amazing friends married each other this past Friday, and I had the wonderful pleasure of being a bridesmaid! As you might have guessed I spent the week before the wedding helping them get the programs ready, getting fitted for our dresses and other various wedding details. [check out their incredible photographers here] After all the festivities I decided to do nothing today and Saturday…

So here it is almost Monday and I am trying to organize what needs to be done for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday’s classes. Seeing it all typed up makes it seem like less work…

~Finish duct tape body double (two more layers of tape and stuffed on the inside)

~Cut and sew mini kimono sample for Construction (hem samples are finished!)

~Finish and surge Kimono for mannequin

~Draft bodice pattern for mannequin

I lost my student ID and bus pass, so I need to get into school during office hours and buy a new one. My student loan came back if I make my way down to the post office I can mail that away (and take a load off). 

I also need to get all my parents health insurance information so I can opt. out  of the one provided by NSCAD and get a cheque back (yay!)

A project that was in the foundation show last semester needs to be tracked down.

There will always be more to do…


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