Pattern Drafting

We all know that feeling, when we need just 15 more minutes of sleep, knowing full well we are sacrificing our early morning coffee and a calm and enjoyable walk to the bus stop. This morning I barely caught the express bus, but running full speed up the hill: I made it.

The class I was so anxiously headed for was the second of 14  Pattern Drafting classes at the 2000 level.

As this is my third class in S301 studio I had to sit through another health, safety and access talk by the fashion studio tech. I can basically teach the rules to everyone now. The highlight goes something like this “there is no running in fashion so there is no running in the fashion studio, you may walk briskly to your friend who sewed her finger to her white silk…..”

Prior to we drafted our very first pattern, a design that has existed since the beginning of men: the most basic tunic style t-shirt.  As it goes every semester I have yet to purchase the supplies for the class so I collected various rulers, tailor squares and pencils from around the studio. Admittedly I do not share well, this class has motivated me to purchase supplies for my own kit…..

My finished pattern waits patiently in my locker until next week, when we will construct the pattern on re-claimed woven fabric to see how well our patterns were measured and sized, and how well they function on a 3-D body form.

Here is a similar pattern to the one we constructed and what our finished pieces should look like:


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