Balsamic Portobello Pork & Parmesan Asparagus with Basil & Cracked Black Pepper

Balsamic Portobello Pork & Parmesan Asparagus with Basil. Tasty tasty tasty.


Moleskine & The Satorialist

A sweet snack on a fabric napkin

"lp" embossings

The Satorialist was one of the first blogs I’d ever read, one I’ve followed ever since, shared with every friend I know – you get the picture. Scott Shuman is talking about the release of a second book so during a three hour decision on which book to buy this morning – The Satorialist is mine. All 512 pages of pure portrait fashion photographic genius.

Books are something I love – I’ve been able to read full blown novels since I was four (Little House on the Prairie) – but we live in a super tiny bachelor apartment so I choose my books wisely and borrow most. At 5X7.5″ The Satorialist simply fits.

The Selby is another blog-with-accompanying-book I adore that still hasn’t made it’s way to my bookshelf (mostly due to it’s monstrous size) but if your looking for a book filled with lustrous prints and a cover wrapped in a silky laminated color photo you can add that one to your list also.

Since starting university at NSCAD I have developed a slight addiction to Moleskine notebooks, to the point where any other notebook just isn’t the same. I buy nothing but for agenda’s, watercolor notebooks, journals, etc. I have about twenty filled with sketches and ideas and over ten large lined journals filled with history class notes. They are all black, some leather some paper. So today when I found these lined journals in “Lou Photography blue” there was no doubt – I had to buy them. They’ll be put to good use at client consults and a weekend photography workshop.  I embossed them with the same logo I put on my DVD presentation folders.

That’s been my day so far. With lots of coffee and dried mangoes.

Saturday Brunch Fever

My brother was making eggs benny at mum & dad’s this morning, and I thought “I could do that”. So I did.

The hollandaise sauce was a little bit harder than I originally anticipated (the best French foods always are – macarons immediately come to mind). I ended up making it twice, the first batch separated while I was whisking in the lemon juice over the double boiler. I didn’t have enough real butter left to make the second batch, so I used mostly block margarine. It seemed to work perfectly, I kept the heat down a lot lower and removed it from the heat entirely until it was ready to serve but it gelled and separated as it was sitting on the eggs. Hmmm.

I had some fresh basil and organic baby tomatoes from Pete’s Frootique that needed to be eaten up and Caprese salad might just be one of tastiest treats I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating so that was the inspiration behind today’s brunch.

I used a No Name english muffin from Superstore (the perfect texture and weight for a stay-crispy base), layered four strips of slow-fried bacon and two slices of firm mozzarella underneath two  soft poached eggs (four minutes), poured over the hollandaise and placed two basil leaves and a sliced baby tomato on top.  Despite the separation of butter and egg yolk, the hollandaise surpassed anything I’ve ever experienced in a restaurant with its creamy, salty smooth flavor and a hint of lemon.

Happy Saturday!

Get the recipe I used for hollandaise here from Katherine Martinelli’s blog.

Happy Boxing Day

MIA since August – I know! I’ve been going crazy jumping full time into my business, Lou Photography, and haven’t had time to indulge in blogging for pleasure in food & fashion land. I’m going to attempt one post a week to jump back into things – today’s on some boxing day finds at RW&CO.

Since leaving my sales position in April, I haven’t picked anything up from this Canadian retailer that makes a variety of work and casual staples. They always have an amazing Boxing Day sale, at least 40%-50% off the lowest price off fall & winter merchandise. I picked up two winter coats I desperately needed since destroying a favorite a few weeks ago. The light grey will be perfect for client meetings and the second for throwing on as a loose and comfortable coat for long shoots. It’s cozy and resembles lounge-wear – whats not to love?

City of Fog

 My summer here in Halifax has not been very kind – fog or rain 80% of the time. Staying cozy and warm in a few staple pieces – black skinny jeans from Zara and a white blazer from Aritzia. My hair reached an all new level of perfection today, thanks to Meaghan Ryan from Alicia Melanson Hair & Aesthetics, pictures to follow.

Shoes: Aldo

Nails: Essie Limo-Scene

Toes: Essie Turquoise & Caicos

Blouse: Le Chateau

Watch: Skagen

Domaine de Grand Pré

We finished our anniversary celebration at Domaine de Grand Pré, the oldest winery in Nova Scotia and by far my favorite! We did the five o’clock tour, it was still hot, sunny, and there were gorgeous dark clouds over the vines. The tour was brief – we visited each type of grape Domaine de Grand Pré uses in their wines and discussed growing conditions, seasons, and the family who started the winery. After the tour, we went inside to the bar for a tasting of four whites, three reds, a sparkling wine and an ice wine. We bought our two favorite whites, Ortega and a 2009 L’Acadie for our next anniversary.

For supper we stayed on site and went to the award winning Le Caveau Restaurant. We sat inside to savor the air conditioning and munched on a basket of bread & butter and smoked salmon pate. To start we split a bowl of scallop & lobster chowder with spanish almond broth, spring onions and smoked paprika. Nate choose the buttered Morrocan chicken sauteed with peppers, garlic, dates and cashews on couscous with house-made chutney and I had an amazing entree of scallops & lobster on shredded zucchini rosti with seasonal vegetables smothered in a creamy savory sauce and washed down with a glass of Vidal Blanc.